New court floors!

The Club was lucky enough to be successful in a grant from the Queensland Gambling Community Benefit Funds in 2018, for the purposes of two new court floors and upgrades to all the tins on all four courts.

CourtTech visited Redcliffe to install the floors, and a number of our clubbies helped out in a working bee in demolishing the old floors.

The new court floors mean the courts are safer and lighter, with no breakages in the floors, and will be long lasting! The new tins are also adjustable, meaning they can be set at the standard height of 19 inch, or the Professional Squash Association height of 17 inch, or very low for doubles at 13.5 inches (give that one a go!).

The Club is continuing to seek grants in order to fix the floors on the last two courts and look forward to when all the floors have been upgraded.

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